• City:  Western Suburbs
  • State:  
  • Post Code:  
  • Country:  
  • Listing Price:  $215,000
  • Days:  7
  • Rent:  $1,843
  • Square Metres:  
  • Weekly Sales:  $9,000
  • Weekly Profit:  $2,500
  • Seats:  Indoor & Outdoor
  • Listing Number:  AC0694

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BBQ Chicken & Burgers – Greater Western Sydney – AC0694

This Business is known for their tender char-grilled chicken and delectable sauces. All our chickens are marinated in our signature Zesty Lemon marinade and grilled to perfection with five great flavours to choose from; BBQ, Zesty Lemon, Mild Chilli, Hot Chilli and, if you dare, Extreme Hot Chilli. Our meals include a range of burgers, wraps, pitas, salads and chicken. Located in a busy Shopping Complex.

Listing Number: AC0694

General Description

BBQ Chicken, Burgers, Pita/Wraps and Salads and more! No Restriction on Trading Hours! Stock Included!


Increase Catering and Advertising


Village Shopping Centre


Western Sydney

Trading Hours

Mon-Tues-Wed: 10:30am–9:30am Thur-Fri-Sat: 10:30am–10pm Sun: 10:30am–9pm


2.7 Years


1 Owner 1 Manager 1 Cook 1 Counter Hand

Weekly Takings: $9,000
Cost of Goods: $1,150
Rent: $1,843
Wages: $900
Outgoings: NIL
Telephone: $20
Electricity: $350
Net Profit: $2,500
Price: $215,000
Estimated Stock: $200.000 Included
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